About Us

YWP-ZA aims to provide an all-inclusive, non-racial and non-discriminatory home for young professionals in the water sector, known as Young Water Professionals (YWPs), to fulfil the present and future needs of the water and wastewater industries in South Africa. The YWP-ZA National Committee is in its fifth term, and is governed by its own Constitution, serves on the IWA YWP Emerging Leaders Committee, sits on the WISA Board as a Non-Executive Director, and is established in eight Provinces in South Africa.

The International Water Association’s (IWA) YWP programme offers practical and effective ways for those interested in a water sector career to follow their interests and gain experience. Our programme presents opportunities for career development at workshops, technical events, and online initiatives. These activities help young professionals to develop their skills and expand their network in social and professional environments. Participants can present their work in a peer-to-peer learning environment at conferences and forums and can take advantage of a suit of initiatives that support the development of the future workforce in the water sector.

YWP-ZA hosts three national flagship events over a two-year committee cycle; A biennial Conference, now in its 7th year, a Publications Training Programme now in its 6th year, and a highly successful Environmental Entrepreneurship Bootcamp in its 2nd edition. In addition to these flagship national events, YWP-ZA coordinates a range of technical, academic, outreach and skills development events at provincial level which are carried out by the provincial committees.


To contribute to the present and future needs of the water sector through the continuous development of an inclusive workforce which is adequate in size, capable in skills and strong in leadership. YWPs are the future of the water sector.

To achieve distinction (excellence and greatness by connecting (linking and transdisciplinary networking) all YWPs striving for personal and professional evolution (growth).