Charlene Sibanda

Marketing Lead

Charlene is a passionate water resource scientist specialising in mainly water and wastewater treatment related projects. Her experience within these projects is in water resource planning and management, analysis of treatment capacities in water and wastewater treatment plants and optimising their treatment processes. She has a very strong background in environmental management, microbiology and biochemistry which play a big role in analysis and designs of biological treatment technologies.
Her primary purpose is to improve people’s lives and environmental health through her work and the academic research she is involved in, with her main aim being to bridge the gap between academia and the water industry. She is currently working for Nathoo Mbenyane Engineers (NME) while working on achieving her MSc in Water Engineering and Water Resource Management. Her research interests are optimising wastewater treatment in cities with enhanced water management techniques, reducing water demand and resource recovery from treatment plants, and sludge management.

When she is not reading water or wastewater treatment-related books and journals, you can find her reading personal development books, at the beach taking a walk or doing yoga or strength training at her local gym.