Emke Hartnick

My name is Emke Hartnick and I obtained a BSc Honours in Environmental and Water Science from the University of the Western Cape. I completed my MSc-Agric thesis in Soil Science titled: Assessing the Potential of using X-ray Computerized Tomography to Determine the Physical Properties of Different Textured Soils at the University of Stellenbosch. In 2016 I worked at the Computer Tomography (CT) Scanner facility as a CT Data Analysts Intern through the DST-NRF internship programme. This is where I have combined my prior knowledge about environmental and water sciences with the application of microCT technology to pursue my masters degree.

I have worked as a Research Assistant on Sustainable Agricultural projects that focussed on the conservation of water resources within the agricultural industry and the implementation of sustainable agriculture practices to restore the ecological infrastructure. I co-ordinate river clean-up events project within my community where I reside called Macassar and where we involve school learners from surrounding to volunteer. I was recently employ by Turnkey Water Solution (TWS) as a Junior Environmentalist. TWS focusses on providing sustainable and decentralized water solutions to areas where there is a scarcity in water resources, through the purification of sea and brackish water.